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Will a sexy encounter heal Angel’s troubled soul #midweektease #MMromance #gayromance

This week I'm teasing with an excerpt from Given Time

Music video maker, Angel Starc is about to board a plane to Paris when he receives some sudden sad news. It takes him hurrying back to his childhood home after two years away, estranged from his older brother, Rory.
Angel is amazed and filled with guilt when that night he meets the only man he’s found romantically attractive in a long time. How can it be right? He should only be filled with sorrow, but gorgeous, caring Matt Loewe wraps him in a blanket of comfort and love that heals Angel’s troubled soul.
Delectable, artist, Matt Loewe, follows his hunches and his heart. He’s been looking for love and Angel ignites an addictive passion in him.
As the two men fall deep in love they provide each other with the care needed to come to terms with their past anxieties.
A delicious erotic love story with HEA

Warning the book contains explicit and frequent MM sex

Read the teaser

Matt cradled the whisky glass in his hand for a few seconds. His heartbeat sped up as anticipation flooded him. The handsome man who’d sat alone and ate little fascinated him. Matt knew the guy stared without seeing for a while, and then the eye contact when he saw Matt, was electrifying. No one had ever looked at Matt that way. The sheer sexual hunger and loneliness in those pale eyes forced a shock of attraction to spark along his stomach muscles. There was no mistake. This handsome man was gay. Matt swished his drink around and the ice cubes clinked in the glass. Will he join me? Let him take the chance. It’s time I had someone in my life.

Matt forced himself to lean casually on the bar. He put down the glass. His hand shook. Fucking calm down. He might not come. He probably won’t. It was a bad idea to send a note. Who do I think I am, some movie character? Matt felt rather than saw his quarry approach. His mouth went dry. He suddenly wanted the beautiful Italian tiled floor to open up and let him fall into the hole where failed attempts at finding love littered the black chasm.

“I got your note. Thank you … for sending it … I asked for my coffee to be sent in. Would you like a cup of coffee … or another drink?”

Matt’s entire body reacted to the low, halting tones of the man’s voice. Relief and fear flooded him. He sent a silent request into the ether, which generally fed him premonitions. Don’t let me mess this up. He straightened and faced the man taking in every facet—pale green eyes, like the shallow water lapping at a tropical beach, the sort of handsome face that usually carried guys into a modeling career, and wavy dark hair that Matt itched to run his fingers through. His stomach clenched and a strange melting feeling gathered between his legs. Fucking hell, he’s amazing.
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 

About Given Time

I wrote this story intending to dedicate it to someone in the front of the book when the publisher asked if I had a dedication. In fact, I didn’t when given the chance, because it no longer seemed appropriate. (It might have looked as if I rode on the back of this person's success.)
The inspiration for the story came last Christmas when I went to stay with friends in another county, but one that I know very well and have lived in. Just like Matt in the story I was shocked and deeply saddened when a much-loved celebrity suddenly died on Christmas Day. I’d followed this artist’s work for years and, because he was a musician, the lyrics and his songs had often lifted me from sadness. 
Like many others I wandered off to the house the person lived and died in, which was just a couple of miles away in the next village. I sat in my car watching the parade of people placing tributes along the wall of the house.

The core of the inspiration came from seeing a lone man approach as fog descended on the long pathway. He was tall, slender, dressed stylishly from head to foot in black, and he carried a bunch of white lilies that he placed beside other flowers. His melancholy exuded from his elegant movements. The sight struck me and I couldn’t put it out of my mind as the circumstances surrounding the  death of this musician was reported in the news for weeks.
I know a little about the deceased’s life, and know sadness surrounding his love-life was often woven into his songs. I wrote the story for him … for him to have a happy ending. If that sounds weird, then that’s okay … he gave me, and still does, such pleasure through his music.
The story isn’t about a musician. It’s about life and love. There are a number of scorching hot love scenes in the story, which I enjoyed writing for the two heroes, Matt and Angel, who after hoping for love, finally find it.
Thank you to the late and beautiful George Michael whose album Older saved me a few times from despair.
Thank you, also, to the unknown, gorgeous man who laid lilies outside the big old house.
5* review ""I was totally captivated by this sweet, hauntingly beautiful tale..."
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(Photographs, The Guardian, Pinterest, Vogue, copyright info unavailable, no infringement intended)


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Teaser Tuesday Medley #MMromance #gayromance BLOND from @parr_books

Liam Hale can’t believe his luck when he meets the man of his dreams, Karl Oberon.
Hunky Karl is the sexiest man Liam has ever met, but his mysterious disappearances start to tease. 
Gorgeous Liam is the only man Karl has ever loved. 
Together they spark and sizzle with passion, but Karl doesn’t know how to tell Liam why he races away. Maybe keeping Liam’s mind off the question with mind-blowing erotic encounters will work.

Teaser Tuesday
Karl’s gaze ranged over him, and then, after spending long seconds settled on Liam’s cock, now like a thick iron rod in his pants, returned to his face. “I saw you leave and wished you hadn’t. I can’t pretend I’m not dying to suck that hard-on pushing against your jeans, but I love this song. Dance with me.”
Liam hadn’t even registered the song streaming from the speakers. He listened and smiled. It was a great song, but Liam couldn’t dance. “I don’t dance…” He saw the disappointment cloud Karl’s eyes and with a surge of desire to please the man, he added, “But if you’ll forgive my two left feet I will … for you…”
Karl took his hand.
A massive jolt of sensation flew up his arm and he followed Karl onto the dance floor in a daze.
Karl pulled him close.
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017

Sweet Teaser Tuesday 
The blond gave him a look full of emotion. 

Liam read inquiry there—desire, and something else—longing. He passed by his blue-eyed acquaintance.

Karl spun around and walked out of the bar.

Liam hurried to catch him. He ran down the short flight of steps to the sidewalk.
Karl stepped in front of him. “I hoped you’d arrive earlier. I waited so long I have to go now.”
A frown sprang across Liam’s forehead, taking away the smile that was about to blossom.

“What? No … it’s not late.” He heard the pleading in his own voice and wished it wasn’t there.

Karl shook his head. “It’s eleven-thirty I…I have a long journey home.”

Liam took a deep breath. “I’d like to be with you. We can just talk. I don’t mind the drive. I don’t sleep much most nights. Let me take you home.”

Karl grabbed his shoulders and kissed him.

The move both surprised and delighted Liam. He ran his hands around Karl’s waist and returned the kiss. The sounds of the traffic receded. The night grew soft. Liam drifted in the passion and desire that rose through him. 

Karl broke the kiss and eased away. “Have dinner with me tomorrow. Meet me somewhere, anywhere you like around eight. I do want to know you, but I can’t stay tonight.”

Liam still held Karl. The feel of his hard body made Liam’s already half-erect cock fill out. He leaned to kiss Karl again and answered between brushing Karl’s sexy mouth with his own. “You choose. If you live out of the city … I can get to most places…” He stole another kiss and his eyes closed again with the intense pleasure it brought.

Karl pushed away, gently but firmly. “Let’s stick to downtown. There’s a great place at the junction of Main and Beverley as you travel up to the bar.”

Liam had difficulty speaking. “Fiorella, I know it—serves great Italian.”

Karl took Liam’s hands from his body and held them for a moment. “That’s the place. Eight o’clock, okay? We won’t need to book unless it’s a weekend.” He dropped Liam’s hands.

“Yes, sure. That’s good.” 

Karl had walked a few paces away when worry forced Liam to call after him. “Hey, you’re not married or have a partner?” Just why Karl was in such a hurry to get home suddenly raised the question in his head.

Karl spun around. “No, no, nothing like that. See you tomorrow.”

Liam nodded slowly, happy with the answer, but so disappointed Karl had to go.

Karl must have sensed it. He ran back, grasped Liam’s shoulders, and kissed him hard. He pulled away, grinned, and then ran off.

Copyright E.D. Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing

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Their gazes locked and desire rushed through him. Hell, yes. This was just what he needed. New #MMromance #PNR from @ElyzabethVaLey

Lee never thought he’d find his mate at a club, but even less so, did he expect him to be, Alkaline, the leader of the mafia organization known as the Claws. If the lion shifter were not an alpha, things might be easier, but as it is, his mate is bent on keeping them apart. Not that it matters to Lee, he’ll hunt him down and make him his. 
Alkaline doesn’t do sweet. Nor vulnerable. Nor submissive. So when his lion decides that his soulmate is an alpha puma, he refuses to accept it. After all, whoever heard of two alphas mating? However, resisting Lee is harder than he ever imagined.
With two men battling for dominance, who will end up on top? And will their romance survive the match? 
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The beat of the music made the floor vibrate. The strobe lights flashed, creating a maddening effect. Lee lifted his arms toward the ceiling, and swayed his hips. He mouthed the words to the popular song, allowing the rhythm to wash over him and obliterate any thoughts and worries he still carried from the long day at work.
The animal within him stirred. Tossing and turning, it gathered energy from the pulsing tones and climbed to the surface as if awakening from a long sleep. Lee’s blood pumped faster. His vision refocused, throwing everything into sharp contrast, from the shimmering contents of beverages in clear glasses, to the glittery eye makeup of a random stranger. The club smelled like sweat and alcohol. Bodies pressed together, swaying, moving. Glass shattered somewhere followed by a chorus of “Oh!” and loud laughter. All around, people enjoyed a night out, oblivious to anything more than what lay a few feet from them. Unaware of the hunter in their midst.
Lee licked his lips. His cock twitched. It’d been too long since he’d prowled the night for a bed companion. Focused on his work as manager of the shifter bar Moon Point, sometimes he forgot to have fun, to give into his baser instincts. Normally, he’d go home, relieve himself, and fall asleep until the next day. But he was a puma, a night prowler. And tonight, after he’d closed Moon Point, he knew driving to the countryside and going for a run wouldn’t be enough. He was restless, yearning for something more which he could only describe as the need for company, for the feel of skin against skin, for the gentle caress of caring hands, if only for a few hours.
It was time to hunt.
Lee glanced around and caught the eye of a handsome stud with dark, puppy eyes. He grinned. The stranger looked away, then back at him, a small smile playing on his lips.
Game on.
Swerving his hips, Lee started to make his way toward the man and stopped. The hint of a welcoming scent caressed his senses. A desert breeze mingled with rare wildflowers. A spark lit up his core, sending a shiver of excitement through him. The top of his ears tingled. Lee spun. His heart froze, then resurged, pounding frantically.
He’d never been formally introduced to the lion shifter, but he knew him on sight. He had to. One didn’t manage a bar in one of the seediest neighborhoods of the city without knowing the local gangs. Besides, Alkaline wasn’t exactly easy to miss. At six-foot-five, with shoulder-length red-blond hair, a matching beard, and slightly tanned skin, he stood out wherever he went.
Lee watched him move. His cock twitched. There was nothing submissive about the male specimen coming in his direction, parting the crowd like some kind of god. Alkaline exuded power, force, and unbridled passion.
Their gazes locked and desire rushed through him. Hell, yes. This was just what he needed. A real challenge. Lee extended his hand and Alkaline took it. The lion pulled him close with a firm tug. Hand on his waist, Alkaline guided him to the music.
Lee sucked in his cheeks to keep from laughing. Hell would freeze over before he was the one following. He pushed back, forcing Alkaline to release him. Then, rolling forward, he placed his hands on Alkaline’s hips and took the lead.
The lion snarled. His amber eyes flashed a warning. Lee didn’t retreat. His cock thickened inside his jeans, rubbing against the material. Abruptly, Alkaline dipped him slightly backwards, threaded his fingers in his hair and held, forcing Lee to stare at him.
His puma growled. Bursting through his defenses, it forced his vision to change. It turned sharper, more attuned to the man in front of him, from the tiny wrinkles in the corner of his eyes, to the small mole above his brow, to the thin coat of sweat which made his face glisten.
Alkaline glared at him. Lee’s blood pressure spiked along with his raging libido. He wouldn’t be the first to drop his gaze. He pursed his mouth. The music changed and someone slammed into them, breaking the connection.
They both moved at the same time. Lips clashed. Hungry. Hard. Lee’s fingers threaded into Alkaline’s long reddish mane and Alkaline rested his hand on the nape of Lee’s neck, bringing him closer. Their tongues entwined, desperately seeking for more, until the air ran out of their lungs and they broke apart panting. For a second, they gauged each other, and Lee wondered if he looked as bewildered and as consumed by lust as the other man.
Just when he was about to speak, Alkaline grabbed his hand and placed it over his erection. Lee groaned.
“I need to have you, now,” Alkaline said.
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About Elyzabeth M. VaLey
Elyzabeth M. VaLey is a writer of sizzling, sexy romance who firmly believes in happy ever after.  From paranormal to contemporary, fantasy, or historical, she enjoys exploring her characters' darker side and writing stories about tortured heroes, strong heroines, and all that comes between them and their love.
When she's not writing, she can be found walking in the Spanish countryside with her black Lab, exploring castles, or enjoying some tapas with her friends. 

Follow her at:

Instagram (@elyzabethm.valey)


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Streaks of pleasure tumbled through Indigo #SexySnippets #MMromance #erotica

Sexy Snippets are seven sentences brought to you each Sunday 
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This #SexySnippet is from The Dreamboat, Evernight Publishing
November release, on a date yet to be specified

Gorgeous, powerful warlock, Indigo Vaughn, sells his magic spells to people looking to make a dream come true. One night, as he gazes down on the city below from his sky barge The Dreamboat, he wonders why, in centuries, his own wish for a man to love hasn’t materialized.
Beautiful, sexy, Darian O’Harr has suffered his fair share of misery. He’s a musician and learned long ago to sing for his supper. New to the city, he comes to Indigo seeking a spell that will bring him the love of a handsome man.
As soon as he sets eyes on Indigo, his heart races and his body betrays his pent up needs.
Here is the man of his dreams. What can Darian do as the warlock gathers his magic to cast a spell that will bring him another man?

Read the snippet
Indigo leaned to kiss his delectable lover.

Darian met his lips with his own.

Streaks of pleasure tumbled through Indigo. He lingered in the kiss reveling in the soft merge of lips on lips, his nose on Darian’s cheek, his chin gently shifting against his lover’s.
Darian’s kiss melted his heart, his mind, his body. He drifted in the sensations that felt as if he’d dissolved into a thousand particles and floated weightless in the night air. He drew away slowly.

Copyright E.D.Parr 2017, Evernight Publishing November release

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A chance meeting sets off sparks, and Ray falls for a man who could destroy him #newrelease #gayfiction #MMromance PNR @GaleStanley

Cyclops (Watchdogs 1) by Gale Stanley
Cover art: Bryan Keller
Genres: Paranormal, Werewolves, Gay, Action Adventure & Suspense, New Releases, Romance
Length: Novella
Page Count: 43

Ray Miller finds his calling in the Army, but an explosion in Afghanistan takes his left eye and his career. Set adrift, he turns to alcohol, until an old army buddy shows up and offers Ray a job. Now Ray has a secret identity. He puts his combat skills to use as Cyclops, a paid assassin who rids the government of bad guys.

Then, one day a chance meeting sets off sparks, and Ray falls for a man who could destroy him. Hooking up with a cop is reckless, but the sex rocks Ray’s world. How long can he hide his secrets before the hitman becomes the target?

Read an Excerpt:

Mission accomplished. A simple in and out job, take aim at the target and pull the trigger. Now it was time to vanish, lie low and keep my head down. I usually played by the rules, but tonight I didn’t want to be alone. Danger is an aphrodisiac and I was one anxious horndog. I didn’t sniff trouble in the wind, so I went to Jared’s apartment, where I could keep my head down and suck his cock at the same time.

My digital car clock said three am when I pulled into a dark spot behind Jared’s building. He’d be asleep, so I let myself in with the key he’d given me. I shed my clothes in the living room and left them on the floor. I wanted to slip into bed beside Jared and surprise him. Quiet as a church mouse, I opened the bedroom door. A floorboard creaked as I stepped over the threshold. The light came on, blinding me for a few seconds.

Jared sat up and looked daggers at me. “Do you know what time it is, Ray?”

I grinned sheepishly. “Time to get busy?”

“What were you doing until 3 am?”

“Missing you.”

“Right.” Jared threw a pillow at me. “Go home, Ray.”

I picked up the pillow and walked over to the bed. “Don’t be such a sourpuss.” I tucked the pillow behind his back. Yawning, I scrubbed a hand through my regulation cut, two inches of hair on the top of my head, and tapered down the sides and back. I like to leave a little for Jared to pull on. The thought made my dick even harder.

Jared lay down and put an arm over his face. “I have to get up for work in a few hours. Lock the door on your way out.”

I sat on the bed and slid my hand under the sheet. Jared’s limp dick didn’t budge when I made contact. Damn, he really was pissed. “Okay, go to sleep. I’ll just lie next to you.”

“I don’t want you here, Ray.”

My temper rose, but I tamped it down. I have a short fuse but I try to lengthen it around Jared. A few slow deep breaths calmed me down. I pulled Jared’s arm back and stared at his face. His eyes were closed and it was hard to tell if he meant what he said. “Look at me, babe.”

Reluctantly, he opened his eyes. God, he was gorgeous. Honey brown hair framed high cheekbones and emerald green eyes. “Come on, babe, you know you don’t mean it.”

Jared and I had been together for eight months, and I’d gotten used to having a steady fuck, or as steady as it could be in my line of work. I didn’t see Jared as much as he would have liked, and the longer we were together, the harder it was to explain my absences. But, nothing worthwhile came easy and I was determined to keep him. I liked knowing Jared was there when I needed him. And right then, I needed him bad.

Available at

Author Bio and Links

Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.
Some things never change.

Happy Reading!